Losing Weight with Medifast

Medifast Meal Plans - ThrillBuys.com - Thrill BuysPeople around the world are getting healthy and losing weight with Medifast.  This weight-loss program can help you reach long lasting health goals with the power of nutrition and support that’s been clinically proven to work.  Medifast was developed by a physician and it’s been recommended by over 20,000 doctors since the early 80’s. 

Medifast products are designed and created with a High Fullness Index that helps keep you full so you won’t feel hungry.  This allows you to lose weight quickly at a healthy rate of 2-5 pounds a week, and it helps you to learn to eat healthier.  The Medifast meals are formulated with low fiber and fat protein, and the meals are fortified with vitamins and nutrients.  You’ll lose inches and pounds without losing your essential nutrition. 

The low glycemic formula of the Medifast meals are great for everyone, even for people who suffer with type 2 diabetes.  The Medifast company is committed to your success. Therefore, when you choose Medifast, you’ll get complete support along with your powerful product.  Obesity is both physical and emotional, so Medifast helps with both.  Your life will be changed by the results that Medifast produces. 

Here are some of the things you can expect when you become a member of the Medifast V.I.P. Plus family:

* Online mail planning and support community

* 2 weeks of Medifast meals (70 in all)

* A Medifast book

* Continuous support from a team of registered dietitians

* Lifetime 5% discount on all future orders

Medifast Meal Plans include many great foods and drinks. Here is a sample of what you will find in your Medifast meal plan:

* Bars

* Shakes

* Brownies

* Pudding

* Soups

* Oatmeal

* Drinks

* Scrambled Eggs

* Cheese Puffs and Pretzels

* Diabetes Nutrition

* Specials and Promotions

Medifast also caters to dietary supplements such as:

* Heart Health

* Antioxidants

* Digestive Health

* Calorie Burn

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Health + Fun = Healthy Fun with FitOrbit

Health + Fun = Healthy Fun with FitOrbit

You can now have health and fun with the online personal training assistance of FitOrbit.  Healthy fun is now easy through FitOrbit.  This is one unique program that is proven to help you reach your fitness & weight loss goals.  Your online personal trainer is a complete solution that takes the guesswork out and guarantees results!

FitOrbit - Healthy Fun

FitOrbit was created by Jake Steinfeld of Body by Jake who has made it easy to get your personal training with fitness and weight loss all-in-one spot.  If you’re constantly on the go, this online personal training will be convenient for you. 

FitOrbit is an easy and affordable to help you burn fat, build muscle or both without plateauing during your training.

This program is also safe and easy for pregnant women.  Exercising before, during and after pregnancy can help with an easier birth and easier recovery.  Many healthy women can remain active right up to their delivery date, but in some cases exercise may not be recommended and not all pregnancy workouts are the same.  Therefore, FitOrbit helps pregnant women modify their workouts to suit their current trimester. 

With FitOrbit, you can choose your own personal trainer who has the specific areas of expertise you are looking for, has your training style, and someone who seems like the kind of trainer you would enjoy training with.

You’ll get a daily workout plan and meal plan to follow from your personal trainer who is there for you when you need them.  Your FitOrbit personal trainer will also adjust your program accordingly each day.

Best of all the price for FitOrbit is also far less than that of what you would pay for a personal trainer at a local gym.  And, you can now find the FitOrbit program at ThrillBuys.com in the Healthy Fun section that is dedicated to your health and fun.

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Activities that Help Promote a Healthy Fun Lifestyle

Whether you are just getting started on your health, or you’ve been doing it for a while, we want you to know that living healthy can also be fun.  Most people who live healthy like activities that promote a healthy fun lifestyle too.  So, while the sun is shining and the birds are singing it’s time to get your healthy fun lifestyle going.

You don’t need to change your lifestyle to get healthy, but you will have to implement healthy habits into your life.  Healthy fun products are good for the mind, body and soul.  When you’re living a healthy lifestyle you will be more energetic and happy all around.  With fantastic equipment, nutrition products and personal training, you can make the most of your healthy fun lifestyle.

There are several products on the market that make it fun to get healthy.  Therefore, we have a list of products for you to look into that are not only healthy but fun.

Healthy Fun Products:

* FitOrbit – This is your online personal trainer.  You can begin to live a healthier life with the fitness guidance and support you get from your own personal trainer.  They will help you get matched to a trainer based on your goals and your own personality.  You will get a fitness plan with personalized workouts and meals that you can easily implement into your daily schedule.  You progress is monitored, questions you have can be answered on a daily basis, and you get the motivation you need to stay on track with your healthy fun lifestyle.

* Bowflex – A series of exercise machines that’s used for strength training and cardio training make up the Bowflex.  Essentially, there are two main Bowflex designs: The Bowflex Power Rod Home Gym and the Bowflex Revolution Home Gym.  You can also find the Bowflex Tread Climber Stepper Machine.  Anyone you get is sure to get you in the shape you want right in your own home without a boring routine.

* Medifast – This is an amazing weight-loss program that was developed by a physician and has been recommended by over 20,000 doctors since its release.  With Medifast products, hunger pains are a thing of the past. You’ll lose weight quickly and learn how to eat healthier in the process.

* Trikke – This has to be one of the most fun products on the market.  The Trikke is a human powered, three-wheeled carving vehicle that uses conservation of angular momentum to allow a rider to propel forward.  You get your exercise by using your core body to lean side to side to make it propel forward.

* The Total Gym – With the Total Gym you will get the help you need to get that “second glance” body that everyone likes to look at.  The Total Gym has a line of exercise machines to choose from that can be used for strength training, pilates training and stretching. It’s an approach to fitness that enhances your body’s ability to move comfortably and freely.

You can find more healthy fun lifestyle activity information at ThrillBuys.com.

Joining the Exciting World of RC Racing

Everyday more people are joining the exciting world of RC Racing.  As the sport has grown over the years, the path has become easier for new comers to join in on the fun.  And, the selection of RC Vehicles has given fuel for better, high-performance machines with stylish engineering. 

RC Racing is a sport that can be enjoyed by everyone, from kids fooling around in the parking lot to sophisticated, professional racing at professional race tracks.  It’s a sport that’s so much fun it can be very addictive once you start. 

On-Road RC Cars are popular because of their sleek looks and designs.  They have low ground clearances, aerodynamic bodies, slick tires and go to extreme speeds for RC Racing.  Many RC Cars are Nitro powered and can reach speeds of 75mph and higher.  Some run off battery packs that have become more advanced over the years.  The battery packs usually last ten minutes and recharge in as little as fifteen minutes, making them ready to race in no time.

Another popular RC Vehicle type is the Off-Road Buggy. It’s popular with many RC enthusiasts because of its big tires with knobby spikes, high ground clearance, and its full travel suspension parts.  The Off-Road Buggy’s high ground clearance allows the vehicle to go almost anywhere.

RC Speed Boats are great for those who like racing on the water.  You can find Nitro Gas RC Speed Boats that reach extreme speeds that’s sure to leave your friends in awe.  These Speed Boats are setting new standards in Nitro Boating.  You’ll even love the sleek graphics and wide selection that is available.

RC Racing can be an exciting world to be a part of. So, find your favorite type of RC Vehicle and join in on the fun today.

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Rotating Gaming Table – Billiards, Air Hockey, and Foosball

Rotating Gaming Table – Billiards, Air Hockey, and FoosballThe rotating gaming table that includes billiards, air hockey, and foosball is the perfect gaming table for any home.  This rotating table makes it possible and convenient to play all the features of each game in one table. 

Gamers all around have begun choosing the rotating gaming table when they can’t decide between their favorite games.  These 3-in-1 gaming table include billiards, air hockey, and foosball.  You don’t even have to remove any of the pieces when swapping from one game to another.

When you’re ready for your next game, simply turn the table to the game you want to play.  It truly makes for convenient, time saving fun with multiple game options.  It’s an excellent option for those who like multiple games, but don’t have the space. It’s also the perfect size as it will fit in almost any space.  Most rotating gaming tables are 42.5 x 33 x 33 inches.

Each game is ready to play when you are.  All you have to do is switch between games with ease by turning the table to the game you want to play.  All balls or hockey pucks fit perfectly into the side compartment on the table for safe keeping. 

Handles for foosball never have to be attached when you are ready to play. They are already built into the table, and never get in the way when playing. The triangular shape makes the table perfect for playing with no worries and ultimate fun.

When you want convenient, time saving, multi ways to have fun, the 3-in-1 rotating gaming table is the perfect choice.

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Boats, Boats, and more Boats

Boats, Boats, and more BoatsAs summer rolls around many people are seeking out any source of water to enjoy their time swimming, boating, fishing, water skiing and more.  We start seeing boats, boats, and more boats all around.  However, the inflatable kayak is what is making a strong name for itself on the market this year. And, what looks like more years to come.

The inflatable kayak is no pool toy. It’s the real deal. This is one boat that you can perform many activities in.  You can find them to seat one to two passengers. The only difference is that these kayaks are not covered.  They have to be paddled just like a hard shell kayak, and these are great boats have awesome speed, and are long lasting.

You can use the inflatable kayak in rivers, on lakes, in creeks, in the ocean, or in any body of water where it will float. Generally they are six feet to 19 feet long and are a very good recreational activity.  The types you can find include hybrids, whitewater, surf, sea and racing kayaks. No matter which you choose, you will be pleased.

Many fisherman have found the inflatable kayak perfect for fishing because of its excellent price and durability. You can find a wonderful price range to meet everyone’s needs.  And, they only take 10 to 15 minutes to inflate, so you can take them anywhere in any size vehicle.

You can rely on the inflatable kayak because of its good quality and most come with a guarantee, so you can rest assured when you decide to purchase one.

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Why the G Scale Train is Admired by So Many

Model train enthusiasts have loved the exciting hobby of building model trains for years.  For many, it keeps them feeling young at heart as they admire the beauty of model trains and the great scenery that can be added along with them.  The G Scale Train is one train that many train enthusiasts love because it comes in different sizes.

You can find the G Scale Train in four common sizes, but it seems the most popular size lately is the larger 16 inch.  It looks like the bigger the better. 

The smaller G Scale Trains are great for indoor tracks and don’t take up much space.  And the larger G Scale Trains are great for those who like to show off their trains outdoors. 

Although the lager G Scale Trains take up more space, they are still perfect for outdoor gardens or play areas.  Most people refer to building their G Scale train in the garden as “Garden Railroading”.   

The one thing that made this train so perfect for outdoor tracks is its durability.  The track is made of brass, which does not require maintenance like the smaller scale tracks do.  You will only need to wipe off the track with a clean cloth from time to time, and you’re ready to go.

Younger children enjoy the larger trains even more since they can play with them without worrying about damaging them beyond repair.  These trains will take much abuse for years to come. 

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