Losing Weight with Medifast

Medifast Meal Plans - ThrillBuys.com - Thrill BuysPeople around the world are getting healthy and losing weight with Medifast.  This weight-loss program can help you reach long lasting health goals with the power of nutrition and support that’s been clinically proven to work.  Medifast was developed by a physician and it’s been recommended by over 20,000 doctors since the early 80’s. 

Medifast products are designed and created with a High Fullness Index that helps keep you full so you won’t feel hungry.  This allows you to lose weight quickly at a healthy rate of 2-5 pounds a week, and it helps you to learn to eat healthier.  The Medifast meals are formulated with low fiber and fat protein, and the meals are fortified with vitamins and nutrients.  You’ll lose inches and pounds without losing your essential nutrition. 

The low glycemic formula of the Medifast meals are great for everyone, even for people who suffer with type 2 diabetes.  The Medifast company is committed to your success. Therefore, when you choose Medifast, you’ll get complete support along with your powerful product.  Obesity is both physical and emotional, so Medifast helps with both.  Your life will be changed by the results that Medifast produces. 

Here are some of the things you can expect when you become a member of the Medifast V.I.P. Plus family:

* Online mail planning and support community

* 2 weeks of Medifast meals (70 in all)

* A Medifast book

* Continuous support from a team of registered dietitians

* Lifetime 5% discount on all future orders

Medifast Meal Plans include many great foods and drinks. Here is a sample of what you will find in your Medifast meal plan:

* Bars

* Shakes

* Brownies

* Pudding

* Soups

* Oatmeal

* Drinks

* Scrambled Eggs

* Cheese Puffs and Pretzels

* Diabetes Nutrition

* Specials and Promotions

Medifast also caters to dietary supplements such as:

* Heart Health

* Antioxidants

* Digestive Health

* Calorie Burn

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